Services We Provide



We provide custom landscape design and construction services for residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to create beautiful and functional landscapes, that integrate the home or business into its natural surroundings.

A well-designed landscape makes a wonderful first impression and increases the lasting value of the property. We believe in personalized and thoughtful design. We will custom design a project for you that will reflect your personal tastes and fit your budget, while enriching your property and, therefore, your daily life.

Installation • Lighting • Drainage • Maintenance


Our goal is not only to create a beautiful landscape for you, but also to install all of our projects with quality, state of the art materials and workmanship, that will provide beauty, functionality, and durability for years to come.

Our exterior lighting design and installation, allows for your day to extend into the evening hours, for entertainment and recreational activities, while providing a sense of serenity and safety for you and your family, even while you sleep. This lighting will also accent the unique architectural details of your home, while illuminating the textures of the landscape.

We offer a variety of drainage solution services, that includes site preparation, planning and installation of drainage system, and storm water management. We will have your water management under control so that you can have a healthy looking landscape all year round.



The longevity of any outdoor living area or hardscape, depends on the foundation laid. Our walkways, patios, pavers driveways, retaining walls, exterior kitchens, and fire pits are built for the long haul.

Our landscape designers and paving professionals, have the resources to achieve a perfect color combination and decorative pattern that will bring your property to life.

Large-scale retaining wall and landscape constructions are our specialty. No project is too large or too complex for our skilled team to complete. We believe that the bigger the challenge is, the better the end result will be.

Outdoor Living Spaces


Silvertree Landscaping will help you design and build your perfect outdoor living spaces, whether it be that outdoor kitchen or creating the elegant outdoor family room. Enjoy years of entertainment and relaxation with your very own outdoor addition!

Water Features


Waterfalls, pools, ponds, and water features are masterfully incorporated into your landscape to beautify and enliven the unique features of your living environment. We even specialize in working with properties on or near lake and mountain terrains, to ensure that drainage and aesthetics work together cohesively as functionality meets splendor.